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1619 – The first African slaves arrive in Virginia
1800-1831 - Gabriel Prosser. Richmond, Virginia and Nat Turner. Southampton County, Virginia.
1849-1852 - Harriet Tubman. Underground Railroad. Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
1855-1857– Bridgewater and Northampton State Hospital are established. The Dred Scott Case.
1859-1861 - John Brown. Harpers Ferry. American Civil War begins.
1863-1865 - Emancipation Proclamation. The Civil War ends and Lincoln is assassinated. The Ku Klux Klan is formed and the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution is ratified.
1907- "A Mind That Found Itself." Clifford Whittingham Beers
1922-1931 - Belchertown State School for the Feeble-Minded is established. Nine black youths are arrested in Scottsboro, Alabama
1938 – Robert Leroy Johnson dies at the age of 27 near Greenwood, Mississippi, of unknown causes
1955 - Emmett Till of Mississippi. Rosa Parks is arrested.
1963-1964 - Martin Luther King is arrested. He writes "Letter from Birmingham Jail” and delivers his “I Have A Dream” speech.
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and Birmingham riots.
The Civil Rights Act. James E. Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner.
1965-1967 - Malcolm X is assassinated. “Bloody Sunday.” Watts, Los Angeles. Titicut Follies by Frederick Wiseman to be shown at the 1967 New York Film Festival, but the government of Massachusetts attempts to ban its release
1968 – Bridgewater hearings are conducted after a study showed that there were 30 inmates committed to the state hospital illegally.
Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. Civil Rights Act of 1968.
1972 – The Tuskegee Syphilis experiment ends.
1987-1991 - 8 patient deaths in a year at Bridgewater. Superior Court Judge Andrew Meyer allows Titicut Follies to be released to the general public.
1992 – Belchertown State School is closed due to criminal sexual activity towards patients. The beating of Rodney King
1996 – "I Raise My Eyes to Say Yes." Ruth Sienkiewicz-Mercer
1999-2004 - Bridgewater Lawsuit and William Mosher Jr.
2009- Bridgewater patient death
2012-2014 - Officer Derek Howard. Karin Bergeron e-mails and civil lawsuit at Bridgewater

materials list for album art: hemoglobin, saliva, rose petal embers, Fe3O4, acrylic paint
materials list for sculpture: Fe3O4, plaster, plywood, galvanized chain


released April 8, 2017

pando is:
mr. bombastic
mr. fontastic

vocals on "would you kindly?" by s. flynn, as well as additional vocals on "this fucking world will never change"
additional percussion on "this fucking world will never change" by d. dodson
sculpture "exchange of power" and album art by mr. fontastic
(in)human(e) was recorded and mixed at Uncle D's PenIsland Cruise Line through collective effort by pando and mastered at glitch army studios, holyoke, ma.

pando would like to thank d. dodson of glitch army studios for his contributions and giving us access to his studio equipment for this album.



all rights reserved


pando Easthampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: state schooled
Track Name: put him on a higher dose of tranquilizers
oh, dearest vladimir
what did they do to you?
where did you go?

dosing, controlling; what they deem normal
dose me, control me, tame me
Track Name: boy
he's good
i'm convinced that he's good
I visited him last night
for now, visits will have to do
we should stop talking
I need space
back off
Track Name: van 11
how ya doing barbara?
i'm okay
how are you barb?
oh sucka washing machine's broke
it's okay hunny, it's okay; nothing to be worried about
it's okay barbara
oh, okay, jeeze
i love van 11, i'm so excited
van number 9 is a hunk of junk
i know sweetie it's a piece of...uh oh, oh no
you're it, oh shrimp, oh sucka
holy succotash
van 44 barbara, not van 11 (van sucka 44 barbara)
lenny changed it to 44
oh stop it, it's van 11
shut the fuck up nikki, you're fat!
barb that's not nice
stupid fat nikki
barb! please
can I buy a snack?
you only have 14 cents
oh shrimp
next time barbs
Track Name: i raise my eyes to say "yes" (or r. johnson devil blues)
born to be shackled, I approach the crossroads
though I am not one to believe them, I sat and waited by the highway side
the tumbleweeds rolled softly into the blankness of the night
and with doubt in my mind, he came
I thought my eyes deceived me as he appeared between the trees
his voice was cold and hollow; with his finger, he beckoned for me
that night, I accepted my position as he spoke so charmingly
he said he didn't steal souls, he only took what he was given
and with the curl of his grin, he out-held his hand
Track Name: caveman
two fingers
there’s always two fingers
now there’s three
three fingers

“look on the bright side, at least when you get a new pair of shoes they never run out”
Track Name: would you kindly?
hurt me
to define your growth
I will remain nimble and silent
to let you stay
the love you say; the love you claim
to define your growth I remain silent
hurt me more
Track Name: the big man
The big man woke up that morning like many times before. “How many hot dogs are in the fridge today?” I'd imagine was a fleeting thought, I could be wrong. He looked out the window to see the van pull up. “Doop dee doop,” said his brother, signing for their transport. They both walked out the door where they were greeted by their chauffeur, Mr. Matthew M. His strong, but gentle hands opened the sliding door of the vehicle and helped them up the steps. “Got boots on?” asked the big man. The chauffeur smiled; he was the strong silent type, much like the big man. “Doop dee doop” repeated his brother. A voice retorted from the back of the van, “Shut the fuck up, Bryan!” The big man lifted his shirt up and down the whole ride, showing everyone the glory of his engorged, grapefruit shaped belly.
Soon after arriving at their destination and bringing all the celebrities up stairs, the big man sluggishly went into his respective zone. “We're going on a walk this morning, bud.” The big man didn't like outings. His muscular anatomy was riddled with anxiety when it came to loud noises. He held onto the zone leader's hand as they walked out into the loud unknown world that surrounded the building. They passed by countless intimidated eyes, coffee shops, and record stores. They saw puppies. The big man wondered if they ate. To everyone on their journey, the big man and his followers were like bizarre pictures on a wall, the frames tilted just off-center enough to notice. But I think he just felt the world was tilted and all his pictures were perfectly straight.

here comes the big man (the big man)...here he comes...
One with the flowers and the babies (big smiles for the big man)
I'm not wet
Track Name: this fucking world will never change
to kneel to a bladed god, we stand in pride with what we've destroyed
as all life converges to dust and everything returns as if it never was
only the children remain