negligible senescence

by pando

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in memory of Allisandrina Levine.

this album would not have been made possible if it weren't for the many people who made it incredibly difficult to do what was necessary. if it weren't for you, we wouldn't have had to figure out everything ourselves to get it done. we would also like to thank uncle donnie and uncle glenn for their support.


released February 21, 2016

pando is:
a. bryant
m. gagne

additional vocals on "trek through utah desert" by s. flynn
conversation on "trek through utah desert" with s. mangieri
album art by m. gagne
negligible senescence was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Uncle D's Pouch Party through collective effort by pando.



all rights reserved


pando Easthampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: residue
will you still love me when i'm gone?
when i'm nothing more than the imprint of your elbow on our favorite chair?
when my life is just a stain on a table top?
will you still remember me?
Track Name: runt
with each thrust of march, his lifeless head
smashed about, not unlike a paddle-ball
i always wondered what it'd be like to use your own breath
to fog up one's glasses, but not to wipe the condensation off
with the cuff of one's shirt
and without any thought behind this process
as if it made any fucking difference
...but then again...every time i stop, i still see pots
Track Name: trek through utah desert just is...
Track Name: the suite shuffle
needle to skin, "take your medicine"
your new life begins
needle to skin, "take your medicine"
how long must i wait here?
how many years will i shrivel up today?
Track Name: the contemporary disposition of accepting the ground as human
i knelt before you, staring in disbelief
you were as beautiful as they painted you
just like you always wanted to be
i breathed in the talks we had in between those cherished nights
you told me, "never grow old" but there I knelt as a man
back then, I never wanted...
you knew the truth...
so we just wished on every falling star we spotted out your window
in the moment of my exhale i only wished for you to move
understanding as i stood and kissed your cold head you were altered
Track Name: ohm
i cast a stone into the pond and gaze down at my reflection that mirrors you in some ripple of time