by pando

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agapē 09:17
leviticus 26:14-39
dadaism 02:54
the institution will change everything the place that houses us will challenge what we hold this portrait with carved frame retains what we were sold but the carved frame attracts more than the painting's mold the only thing worse than the hole it leaves is the cold
most hand files are classified as swiss pattern or american pattern american pattern files come in three grades of cut: bastard, second cut, and smooth the length of the file also affects the coarseness, regardless of the cut like a six inch bastard cut is a lot finer than a twelve inch bastard cut this is because shorter files are generally used for finer work the finest would be a four inch smooth and the coarsest would be a sixteen inch bastard file the relationship between the grades of coarseness for each length remains the same when filing different metals, stainless should take light pressure with a slow and steady stroke and aluminum, apply a shearing stroke to the left for the best finish always use a square-nose shovel sharpened with a metal file meticulously remove the top layer of grass to be seamless, reapplied later cut through the earth, as if you were holding your bride's hand together embracing that unforgettable moment on which you cut the cake slowly remove the soil one layer at a time if the remains are not contained in an intact coffin, use a masonry trowel to ensure complete removal of skeletonized or decomposing human remains I have tried to repeat this mantra in my past so that my human can remain never forget that with every body exhumed, they once had somebody, somewhere, that loved them
there was a time when all I wondered was how the molds of men were formed with a catalyst as thin as water there is a need for something rough to shape the very shell that forms what's within but with a shell so thick in beauty we can loose track of what's inside since we already washed our hands of grime with it's lye there's no escaping the modern thoughts of men
excarnation 12:12
the doorway remains open penciled in time restraints you may indulge in our collection lounge upon our suede bench but not after closing time touch ink drenched carcasses oil-spilled remains loyal oil loyal oil but don't touch the sandbags curiosity chamber of contents indexed respect but you may not open the jars


album statement
pando would first like to thank everyone for their support over the years and allowing us the opportunity to share our artistic outlet through this respective medium. as practitioners of art that is released into the world of many different opinions and viewpoints, we feel it is important to disclose a statement in regards to this release. “rites” includes some sample recordings and messages from real sources that may or may not be offensive to some individuals. for the sake of the conceptual nature of the piece, we believed it was important to create this album equipped with everything you hear and see with the visual accompaniment. it is imperative to us that those participating in the experience of this album understand that we do NOT endorse or support any of the ideas mentioned within this album. this album was created to start conversations and any opinions formed from these recordings are completely open to interpretation. should the observer feel a particular way in regards to some of these recordings, perhaps it will spawn some healthy discussion that will bring people together in a positive way.
many thanks,


released March 26, 2021

pando is:
adam r. bryant
matthew gagne

album sculpture by matthew gagne
photography by pando
"rites" was recorded and mixed at Uncle D's Raging Toilet Paper Campaign by adam r. bryant
mastered at Priory Recording Studios by greg chandler


all rights reserved



pando Massachusetts

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